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Offering consulting and leasing services to Developers and Retailers with the focus on maximizing your real estate                                          assets through short-term, pop-up, swing shop opportunities and sponsorship programs      

Realize additional contribution to the Net Operating Income ( NOI ) through leasing initiatives, while collaborating with your leasing and operating teams to ensure all locations are leased short-term during all phases of property development

Provide evaluation of your current specialty leasing/commercialization and sponsorship programs and deliver strategies      and guidelines to enhance and increase revenue

Will deliver full service programs from conception to leasing to management 

Create and deliver full sponsorship programs for your assets

Ability to conceptualize and deliver centralized and site promotional sponsorship teams

Deliver high revenue returns in restricted timelines while ensuring quality and on-brand retail concepts

Provide standards, guidelines and assistance on Visual Merchandising for common-area programs and in-line stores

Provide site-selection leasing for retailers seeking short-term or pop-up locations

Development of retail concepts and strategies for Retailers and Brands